The New Yarn co.

spinning your dog's hair since 2012


The New Yarn Co. formerly known just as Sheep of Steel specialises in handmade yarns and textile jewellery.

This is us getting ready for the Shanghai leg of a textile-eccentric adventure. I say ‘us’ because my yarns are my babies, and there is no 'I' in handspun yarn. Please peruse the portfolio pages, and scroll down for the social media links. Just while we finish setting up here. I'll try to keep the Insta and Pinterest weird, loopy and interesting for ya'll. 

All photography provided either by Camilla Greenwell or myself.




The New Yarn Co. formerly known just as Sheep of Steel started out as an experimental wool, yarn and fibre project.

After graduating with a degree in Art Foundations and a BA (Hons) in Textile Design, Irem Arig started working in the quirkiest wool shop known to the people of London, Prick Your Finger. There she was taught how to spin yarn and generally get her DIY bad-assery on. This kicked off a phase of excessive yarning; research into wool, plant and animal fibres. Working with a collective of spinners, she created collections of yarns handspun in various homes and studios, sold through out London. It was a journey which spurred a desire to showcase and promote ethically sourced raw materials and DIY ethics.

With a more anarchic take on the traditional craft of spinning, this curious on-going project is looking to bring age-old craftsmanship into a contemporary design setting. Give spinning a slap in the face, just like a good friend would. Marry the new, the old and infuse it with the bizarre.




Take a look through our portfolio of yarns, the art, design, people and places which inspire the material and colour combinations.

Juju is jungle speak for magic, or good luck. In west African mythology it is actually the spirit dwelling within any object or fetish that is worshipped superstitiously. Anyways, more on our obsession with Vodou later.

We hope that this page can put our textile creations into perspective and provide some insight as to where our magic comes from. Expect downloading pixelated ice cream, Haitian masquerade, human-animal hybrids, surreal interplanetary disconnectedness, and other digital dreams. Earthly glitter and swag.



It's just a bit of organised chaos, okay?

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